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The creation of traffic on your site is the top priority when you want to earn money online. Traffic refers to the people who visit your site when they conduct an online search using the keywords that you use on your website. Your website is essentially a store on the internet where you display the items you sell. To market your product you need to bring people to your site. The ways you generate a continuous flow of visitors to your website are what I refer to as traffic generators for websites.

Website traffic generators help you to increase traffic to your site that is vital for your online business. Traffic is gold, and you won’t succeed with the online venture without it. More traffic that you can drive to your site, the more you can increase the chances of earning cash online. People who visit your website and from whom you have the chance of gaining potential customers are called website traffic.

The process of generating traffic for websites takes a lot of energy and time. It requires much effort and time. You must work consistently to improve your online presence over the course of time in order to bring visitors to your site. This requires determination, self-control, organizing skills and a positive outlook. You must pay attention to every little detail. This is why it is important to be wary of frauds that promise to earn quick cash online. They don’t tell the truth. Truth is, it takes time to create enough traffic for your website and make money.

The process of generating enough traffic to your website is a slow process that requires you to get your link on as numerous websites that you are able to. Furthermore, you need to be a bit more focused to get your website listed in those first result pages when someone conducts a keyword search on Google or another search engine by using the keywords of your website’s main page. Your goal must always be to show up at the top of the page when people search for your keywords when looking for details.

There are three primary website traffic generators, which include , in general, an affiliate program and SEO (search engine optimization) (SEO) as well as article marketing. Let me go over how these three web traffic generators could bring visitors to your site.

1. A affiliate program

The creation of an affiliate program is among the most effective ways to create hundreds or even thousands of links to your website. When affiliates join your program, they will be able to connect your site and ultimately brings the visitors to their sites to yours. Concentrate on creating as many links on other sites that will drive visitors to your site.

2. Article marketing

Article marketing is an excellent site traffic generator. If you write articles and then publish them online via directories online, you create lots of hyperlinks to your site. When readers read your articles and find them useful then they follow the link on the resource box of your site to learn more details. Articles generate targeted traffic for free and play a significant part in improving your site’s rank with search engines. Marketing articles is the main source of traffic and links to websites.

3. SEO or Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO can be defined as a word commonly used to describe the various procedures or processes that you employ to boost your website’s visibility on results of searches (SERPs). Search engines are websites that travel across the web looking for new pages to index. When search engines travel around the web, they look through pages on every website searching for specific keywords or phrases. If a user performs keywords searches on any of the search engines like Google, Bing, Ask and Yahoo results, the results appear on various webpages referred by the term SERPs.

If you want your website to rank in the initial page of results which is your primary goal and goal, you must improve the quality of your site’s pages. If people are searching for information and type in the search terms you’ve utilized on your site and click on your website, they can visit your website only if you’re located on your first webpage. A majority of users stop at the first or second page until they will find what they were seeking. If your site is located within a plethora of websites, you will never be found on search engines. Concentrate on optimizing your search engine to get free targeted visitors to your site.

Last but not least, I’d be sure to inform you that are looking to grow running your business online, be sure you put your time and energy in linking development in addition to SEO. Build links through affiliate programs creating articles and dispersing these through directories online. Optimize your website’s pages and articles to attract free traffic targeted to your website. Make sure you focus on linking as well as article marketing SEO and article marketing. Be aware of the three main sources of traffic to your website to help grow your business.

A friend mentioned the new multi-level marketing system known as Website Traffic Makers. The main product they offer is the generation of traffic to websites. I joined as a gesture to my friend , and because I wanted to see if this product is able to generate legitimate websites traffic but not because I am convinced that the MLM structure will be profitable.

I signed up for the package which costs $149.95 per 10,000 targeted visitors. The site promises authentic visitors as well as 100% geo-targeted traffic , with the possibility of choosing from six countries. To determine how specific the traffic is, I chose an extremely niche website which is it’s a New York City based property management website. I picked Business-services as a category and then hit the play button, which told me that within 24 hours, Website Traffic Makers would start transmitting traffic on my website.

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I looked at Google analytics a few days later to check how the initial day for traffic creation had gone. Within a single day, Website Traffic Makers provided me with 369 hits from 62 nations with an average visit time to the site of just 8 seconds. From the 369 visits, five came originated from The United States and analytics determined that 178 users are English speaking. If this is targeted traffic, it’s certainly not targeted to an online site that caters to locals who reside in New York City seeking a property management firm.

It was evident that a new website was required however, it raises the question about what kind of site would be appropriate for? It should be a site that is targeted at an international audience as opposed to an NYC property management firm which likely won’t be appealing to 51% of users coming from Europe or 35% of visitors from Asia. I’ve decided to make this blog to serve as a diary of my research.

When I wrote to the Website Traffic Makers about switching my campaign to a new website They informed me that I could not switch sites after a campaign has began. When I brought it the attention of their team that the majority of the traffic was from outside of the U.S. they told me that there was a problem and will correct the configuration. while they were there, changed the campaign to redirect visitors to the new site and also update the category to include Internet-blogs.

As per Google Analytics the new site received 1,367 visits from 101 countries , with an average time of 10 seconds across 5 days. Only 13 visitors came to in the United States with 88% being to Europe in addition to Asia and less than 50% of them had English chosen as their preferred language on their computers. It’s starting to appear like that Website Traffic Makers only claim to offer targeted traffic to specific locations, but they don’t provide the services they claim to offer.

I also evaluated how well traffic works by using an attempt to use advertising on the web. Web advertising arbitrage happens the process of paying for traffic and later resell the traffic to earn the possibility of earning a profit. I place ads on the website through the Google AdSense Program, which charges sites a share of Google’s advertising revenue to show advertisements on their websites. If a user clicks on an advertisement, Google AdSense keeps track of the click as well as credits the account. Google uses a metric known as eCPM which calculates the amount you can earn per 1,000 views of their advertisements on your website. The eCPM gives you an estimation of the actual worth of traffic. From 2174 impressions spread over five days, the eCPM will be $0.19. With 10,000 impressions provided, the ad revenue will be $1.90. Cost of 10,000 views generated by website traffic Makers is $150, or almost 80 times the revenue expected by the traffic. It’s safe to say that the traffic is worth much lower than its price.

Although the Website Traffic Makers does not disclose the exact method of generating traffic, it is believed to be through advertisements that pop up. When I visited Einstein Traffic I noticed you can buy 50,000 visits at $199.99 which is a lot cheaper than the Website Traffic Makers charges. It may be the case that Website Traffic Makers simply buys traffic from them and increases the price. If I did a bit of analysis by searching “pop unders” in Google I came across websites that offer 10,000 visitors for as little as $10, which is more in line with the real value , as I discovered during my testing.

My experience so far with websites Traffic Makers leaves me with very little confidence in their products. Similar to other MLMs, they’re a fantastic marketing machine that talks about how much money they could earn by registering others to use a service that anyone with a website presence should have. However, I don’t think anyone really needs the kind of traffic that they generate. The website Traffic Makers website does not provide specific examples on how individuals used the traffic, so there’s no way to know which websites this traffic could be beneficial to.

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