Website Ranking in Recent Era is not Free of Cost

You can see the title of this article. It reads: “High Search Engine Ranking Optimization”, then a colon, followed by “Top Google Website Ranking”. I was first to use the term ranking’ in reference to search engine listing position, but I was teased by those who were ‘in the loop’ as ‘ranking and ‘listing are not the same thing. You know what? I didn’t care, because those who used the terms weren’t aware of that. It’s these people I want to read about.

I discovered that listing the titles of my articles in the same way as I have above results in better Google listings than if only the first or second parts of the title are included. Both the article directory and I both benefit from this. The title is legal, acceptable to article directories, allows me to make full use of the top keywords I discovered through keyword research, and it also makes it easy to submit my articles. You can find both the best and one better, so why limit yourself to one? Lesson 1: You should do the exact same thing! 

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It is important to note that my website was listed higher than mine on Google and Yahoo, not long after the know-alls left their comments. They can scream and complain, but I value results more than claims or complaints about how to do things correctly. This is where I will give you an insight into why you shouldn’t do what other people tell you, but rather do what is best for you. It is all legal. There are no ‘black hats’.

Googlebot is Google’s spider. It requests the URL for the page it wants to scan. It searches for the URLs of other web pages, such as article directories and social networking sites, as well URLs submitted through Google Webmaster Tools. You can also find it from a link on your site. Google lists web pages’, not web domains.

It removes links from a page before scanning it. The page is then sent directly to Google’s indexing software. It indexes the page according to a number of different factors. There are two algorithms that assess semantic relevance to the search terms used by Google’s users (LSI algorithm), Google PageRank (based upon links back to the webpage) and all other factors that can lead to high search engine optimizing.

If you don’t have a good understanding of Google and how it works, it will be harder to get the top Google website ranking. Knowledge is the key to success, as they say. Knowing how Google works can help you get there.

The links could then be scanned by Googlebot to locate additional pages, either within your site for internal links or in other websites for links external. Googlebot can then focus on the text of your pages by making your links appear ‘last’ to it. It works, despite being ridiculed by many for how I have organized my web pages. Googlebot discovers them at the end, whereas visitors can see the links in my left navigation. Here’s how I did it.

Some of my ideas have also been ridiculed, including the Google “nofollow” attribute that stops search engines from visiting hyperlinks. They claim that it simply means that search engines won’t give PageRank points to these pages. It is evident that Matt Cutts intended this attribute to be so. Google Webmaster Central says:

“We don’t generally follow them. Google does not transmit PageRank or Anchor text to these links. The result is that we remove target links from our overall web graph by using nofollow. If the URLs are submitted in Sitemap to Google, they may still appear in our Index.

To put it another way, if Google wants to focus more on your content than your links, then you can add the ‘nofollow attribute to those links. This is an extremely useful attribute that you can use to increase your search engine ranking. This attribute can also be used to maximize Google PageRank for any page. However, I tend to focus on my Homepage. This attribute will help visitors find other pages easily if you get a high ranking listing.

There are many ways you can influence the Google algorithm to achieve high search engine optimization and top Google website rankings. These are only two examples of white-hat legal SEO tricks that you can use in order to get the most out of Googlebot’s practice, rather than what others may claim.

It is always best to do your own testing and act on your results. Although you may not achieve identical Google listing results without performing these tests, they are what my tests have shown to be effective. I have yet to see Google state that this is incorrect.

High ranking websites that are visited regularly by many people can bring in a lot of revenue. However, the real problem is how does one increase website ranking enough to transform a personal website into a small profitable business? Website ranking is the key. It’s simple to see how a highly ranked website (either in terms of survey results or search engine results-the latter being preferred) can make a n-fold profit over a moderately popular or middle-ranked website.

This begs the question: How can you improve your website’s ranking? Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is one way to increase website rankings. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of optimizing web content and the website that it belongs to so that it appears higher in search engine results. If this logic is confusing to you, think about it: What do you do when you want to find specific information on the internet but don’t know where? Search engines that do exactly what you want.

If you can increase website ranking by using SEO efficiently, you will have a better chance to see your preferred number of numbers on your bank statements. SEO is all keyword, but sometimes it can also be keyword phrases.

For a website to rank highly in the search results, it must include a specified number of keywords or keyword phrases. Keywords here must be the same as or similar to keywords that the search engine user would type in. It’s that simple. You get the top results, are noticed, get traffic to your site, and have more chances to make money with whatever medium you choose. 

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