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In the first article about the process of developing a video selection company, I was thinking about the video market, so I will walk you through the “must have” information when contacting a company. In the next section, you will get the information you need when.

Film presentations, film training, film industry presentations and a variety of film preparations for the industry. It will also tell you what you want to know and ask you about the film companies you call.

When companies call or try to handle video production, they’re never in the actual production process and don’t know what to ask or what to do. The answers they need. Often they don’t think about what they want the video to do for them and/or what videos they need. Our aim is to provide information to help these people and develop their thinking through a variety of questions. We try to make the process as easy to understand and stress free as possible.

We hope that the information in this article has been useful to you.

With all the videos people watch on YouTube, some think the process if you arrive, shoot, and the videos are designed to be magical. It can happen with certain types of video, but a good video marketing business requires a lot of planning ahead of time and steadily throughout the process. There are three stages to creating a video: pre-production, post-production, and post-production. This will vary depending on the goals you want to achieve.

Any legal video production company aware of your appeal will want to ask about your project. When they say, “Okay, we’ll show up and shoot you at your job,” that’s the big red flag.

The only warning sign used is if the company can quote you a price without knowing the details of your requirements. Invariably, if this happens, they won’t be able to work or will be charged later.

Working on a video marketing business is like doing any other business venture where you first have to decide what you want to do, then jot down the information and plan how you will achieve your goals. Film companies should start by asking questions to find out what their customers want.

the questions we ask

The video production company should start by asking the client.

Why do they need a video?

Hopefully this will reveal some of the reasons movies will work for certain purposes. You might want to tell your audience why your product or service is better than your competitors, how to promote yourself, or tell your audience about best practices in spoken and repeated terms. Indeed, today companies have to use their website videos to explain something to the market. They know that video can provide great revenue with search engine optimization (SEO) value and can send messages to millions of people.

Sometimes it is to meet the requirements given to them. For example, in some states, when the equipment is installed in a building, the developer/installer must provide the training video as part of the installation. Know the reason determining the direction of the film. So, using the state requirement as an example above, even though the video must follow state standards and guidelines, it’s all a waste of time and money. It’s easy to be wrong if you don’t know why.

How do you want your videos to reach your audience?

Movies are made for TV shows, which are limited to less than 30 seconds and require special instructions, unlike videos made for websites where length doesn’t matter. Who is the audience?

Different populations need different treatments. A film in English is not important if your audience belongs to the Spanish-speaking segment. If you’re a special team, your videos should focus on importance and use good language to convey those categories. In order to appeal to a consumer, it is typically configured to provide information about the appeal or purchase request, or what information should be used. What do you want viewers to do after watching?

This is important because all movies should go for this purpose. If it’s a video sale, we need to create a buy request that’s not only appealing, but meets their real needs. If it is for training, it is designed for training and should include training theories such as repetition and concepts as a whole.

What warranty do you have? If your company has special images with signatures, they should generally be kept. If there is a good product that they think they can use, we try to use it. If it’s for training and there’s physical exertion, they want us to improve in the scenario we need.

If there are any other movies they want to match in style, we should find out. If they have a pattern or rough text, we can start with that. If you have a PowerPoint presentation, you usually start with this one. Sometimes you will have company employees, testimonials from clients, companies or professionals you want to work with. To continue with the example of a health need, you may need a functional map or guide and a guide from your site to create a letter. .

Often, as part of these questions, companies need to ask the contact a question.

What sets you apart from your competitors?

Why do customers say they like your business or product? These questions need to be asked to find out what the competition is really like. If they don’t know the answer, we’ll ask them to ask their customers. All this information and advice gives you an idea of ​​what a guide and video is.

How much is your budget?

Once you have paid the necessary information listed above, you can decide if your client needs the required investment to be reasonable and discuss what they can and cannot do with their budget. We can work with any investment, big or small, and ultimately what we create fits our budget.

I can’t tell you how many phone calls I get with people who don’t know everything about filmmaking want a few people working for months and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on equipment. They expect hundreds of dollars. To protect them, they try to understand, because they have never participated before and do not know the process.

A film design job is different from choosing a car with different types and options. Prices vary depending on availability. Website hosting may require two employees to rotate half a day and repair part of a day, and the last one may only cost $1,000. Or maybe you need the same website ad.

A month of writing, lots of space, lots of shooting days, 3 people shooting, 3 people working full time with trucks, teleprompters and dealerships, professional painters, multiple cameras, screen studio green, and of course all these additions. with the capital layer is more expensive. To make good video with professional look a corporate video production company is very important to hire after proper evaluation.

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Our CEO, Richard DePaso, has over 20 years of experience at one of America’s largest companies, bringing a unique blend of creativity, commitment to performance, and understanding of the processes involved in every project.

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